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Follicle Aspiration Needles & Accessories

Unique needle design
All Swemed follicle aspiration needles are equipped with the unique V-Tip™ design. The V-Tip™ was developed in collaboration with leading IVF clinics to meet the needs for sharpness, high visibility, precision and safety when performing follicle aspiration.
V-Tip™ Ultra sharp design for less trauma and bleeding
A V-Tip™ needle is sharpened to a specific angle for low resistance penetration and distinctive backpoint grinding to prevent deviation.
MediSteel™ PrecisionGrip™ Maximised control and precision for improved performance
All Swemed needles, including the handle and side connections are made from surgical grade stainless steel AISA 304. The MediSteel™ PrecisionGrip™ is purpose designed to optimise aspirative orientation and control.
he Echo-Mark™ High visibility for minimised retrieval time and minimal oocyte damage
The Echo-Mark™ is a Vitrolife exclusive grinded echo marking along the entire tip to enable high reflection and visibility for precise placement and less traumatic oocyte retrieval.
GECKO™ GECKO™ Tubing for easier handling and confidence in use
The aspiration tubing and the flushing tubing are made of friction-free Teflon to create a convenient, kink-free environment and to prevent any oocyte damage between the needle and the test-tube.
microscopically inspected Vigorously controlled for high reliability
All Swemed needles are microscopically inspected by hand, once during the manufacturing process and again during the assembly procedure. This to ensure no residues or other visible defects.
  Double sterile pack to meet surgical standards
Each needle is individually packaged in a double sterile barrier to avoid a non-sterile packaging in a sterile environment, and to meet the high quality expectations of a Swemed Aspiration Needle.



          Medium for gradient sperm separation

          Oocyte aspiration medium
Swemed™ Sense™
Unique needle design
All Swemed follicle aspiration needles are equipped with the unique V-Tip™ design.
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